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Central Elementary School Staff

Our staff strive to nurture students as they become lifelong learners. Students participate in various types of learning activities led by these highly-qualified teachers.

Each year District 62 Education Foundation delivers Mini-Grants to teachers and administrators. This year, the foundation awarded 39 grants totaling $35,000, which is $12,000 more than the previous year. Endowments, an annual benefit, featuring entertainment, a banquet, silent auction, and Cents for Kids, an employee payroll deduction program, fund mini-grants.

Erwin Banner
Night Custodian
Jeremy Bohne
Julie Brennan
Art Teacher
Amy Bryers
1st Grade Teaching Assistant
Michelle Cucchi
K/1 Instructional Teacher
Barb Davis
5th Grade Instructional Teacher
Scott Duff
Band Teacher
Alicia Fabianczyk
Student Services Coordinator
Mary Fink
4th/5th Grade Teacher
Lisa Gatz
P.E. Teacher
Barbara Guill
Administrative Assistant
James Hajost
Orchestra Teacher
Colleen Harrold
Resource Teacher
Claudia Hart
2nd/3rd Grade Teaching Assistant

Head Custodian
Tracy Kellerhals
LMC Assistant
Wendy Kellett
4th Grade Instructional Teacher
Kathy Kelly
ELL Teacher
Kelly Krueger
Mary Ellen Lally
Literacy Teacher
Mark Lenzini
4th/5th Grade Teacher
Karen Lucas
1st Grade Teacher
Louisa Lucas
2nd Grade Teacher
Clarice McGee
4th/5th Grade Teacher
Kelly Mitchell
ELL Teacher
Danielle Moss
K/1 Teaching Assistant
Victoria Nelson
Kindergarten Teacher
Gary Niemiec
Speech Teacher
Shannon Oklepek
Gary Paustian
3rd Grade Teacher
Carol Perez
Teacher Assistant - 5th Grade Instructional Teacher
Leigh Radnitzer
Media Specialist/CHIPs Teacher – 2011-2012 Mini-Grant, Trueflix
Lori Schoen
3rd Grade Teacher
Noelle Schwartz
1st Grade Teacher
Jennifer Skoog
2/3 Instructional Teacher
Sandy Sobon
2nd Grade Teacher
Elizabeth Straz
Health Clerk
Maureen Styczen
5th Grade Teaching Assistant
Kathryn Tran
Music Teacher
Donna Tworek
Teaching Assistant
Maureen Wenzell
Social Worker

For more information, please contact Nancy M. Jenkins, Human Resources Manager.

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