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District 62 third – eighth grade students took the ISAT in reading and mathematics. Science testing was administered to students in grades four and seven. In reading, District 62 students consistently performed above the State average. Students made steady gains in reading achievement from grades three to eight. Student performance in reading remains relatively steady across grade levels from one year to the next.

In mathematics, District 62 students performed well, with 85-94% meeting or exceeding expectations in all grade levels. In all but eighth grade, they consistently performed at, or above the state average.

District 62 students performed consistently well and outperformed their state peers in science. From 2004 to 2011, the percentage of District 62 at-risk students rose from 28.9 to 45.6. The percentage of students meeting and exceeding standards in reading and math, rose from 68.5 to 83.6, and 73.7 to 89.5, respectively.


School Report Cards

The District and School Report Cards are made available each year by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). Each report card includes information about the student enrollment, instructional setting, finances, and school performance.

School District 62 website provides these report cards for your convenience. This information is also available on the ISBE School Report Card website.

  1. NCLB Accountability for School Choice and SESPDF
  2. SES Providers and InformationEnglish | Español

During the October Board of Education meeting, Dr. Janice Rashid, Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services; Milagros Bravo, Director of Second Language Programs; and Brad Voehringer, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services; presented an overview of the recently released Illinois School Report Cards for 2011.

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