A Message from the Des Plaines District 62 Board of Education

At a special meeting this evening, the Board of Education entered into a separation agreement with Dr. Floyd Williams. Under the terms of this agreement, Dr. Williams will resign from his position as Superintendent at the District effective December 13, 2017

Our top priority is to ensure that our District remains focused on providing the high-quality education and teaching-learning environment our community expects and deserves. Effective immediately, the Board has appointed Associate Superintendent Dr. Paul Hertel to serve as interim superintendent for the remainder of the 2017-2018 and the 2018-2019 school years, leading the District’s academic and administrative operations. Since starting in the District in 2006, Dr. Hertel has served as Director of Human Resources, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, and, as of July 2009, Associate Superintendent. He has earned and maintains full licensure to serve as a district administrator and superintendent.

Tonight’s actions were prompted by several confidential complaints the Board received alleging inappropriate or offensive comments and conduct made by Dr. Williams to administrative colleagues— some of which were interpreted by them to constitute sexual harassment. There were no allegations made of inappropriate physical contact of a sexual nature. Dr. Williams denies that he engaged in sexual harassment.

To move forward with disciplinary action, including termination, based on such allegations would require witnesses to publicly come forward with specific charges and a lengthy hearing followed by possible litigation. Therefore, the Board engaged in comprehensive discussions with Dr. Williams, through his attorney, regarding these issues. As a result of those discussions, the Board and Dr. Williams have decided that a severance of the employment relationship is in the best interests of all parties.

Under the terms of the separation agreement, Dr. Williams will be paid for the remaining work days of the current school year. He will be on paid vacation through December 13, 2017 and will resign at the close of business on that day. He will receive payment for five (5) vacation days per the terms of his employment agreement and as required by applicable state law. Dr. Williams’ insurance benefits will continue through December 13, 2017. He will not receive any other payments or benefits.

This agreement will permit both the Board and Dr. Williams to avoid incurring substantial attorneys’ fees and court costs, as well as further disruption to the school community, which would be the case if these differences were not resolved in this manner.

I hope and expect that our school community will join the Board in supporting Dr. Hertel in his new role. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our schools and students.

The Des Plaines District 62 Board of Education


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